Tracy Morgan Crash Victims suing Walmart Transportation, claim carrier was careless and negligent


Four survivors of the June 7th New Jersey Turnpike crash that left comedian James McNair dead and actor Tracy Morgan in critical condition are suing Walmart Transportation, claiming the private carrier was “careless and negligent” in its oversight of drivers and equipment, which led to the crash, according to the lawsuit.

The Walmart driver, Kevin Roper, had reportedly been awake for 24-hours prior to the crash however the evidence has yet to be seen. Roper had a 700 mile commute ahead of him to the Walmart terminal in Delaware when the crash took place. The lawsuit also accuses Walmart of intentionally and regularly violating HOS limits for drivers stating that Walmart has “a custom and practice of recklessly and intentionally allowing its drivers to drive for prolonged and unreasonable periods of time, making them exceedingly vulnerable to suffer from fatigue.”

This will be an interesting case to follow as the FMCSA has yet to finalize the terms of the proposed elogs mandate. We will find out soon whether or not Roper had elogs on-board which would allow authorities to identify his HOS, sleep schedule and other possible infractions.

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